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Anyone who believes “change is as good as a holiday” has clearly never been on a decent holiday!  Seriously, if you don’t like a holiday there’s something wrong with you!

I’ve always loved to travel.  I think, if I’m honest with myself, it all began with that old tv show, “Great Mysteries of the World” back when I was just a kid.  I think it was called “In Search Of …” in other countries.  Anyway, I remember watching it and desperately wanting to visit all of the amazingly mysterious wonders of the world.  I can vividly remember episodes about Stonehenge, Easter Island, The Miraculous Staircase and even one about the Abominable Snowman.

Here’s a clip of the Easter Island episode … Man, I loved that show!

We were just an average family in the south west of Sydney back in the 70’s and 80’s so overseas travel was just a far off dream … one that would only have eventuated with a lottery win or some type of unexpected inheritance from a distant relative.  Needless to say, that didn’t happen, and I was totally cool with that.  My parents provided unconditional love and support and gave me the best education possible so I figure it was up to me to make my dreams come true.

Right now I’ve visited a total of 33 countries … and the list will hopefully continue to grow.  Up until my first overseas trip, which was to celebrate completing my uni degree back in 1994, I’d never been out of Australia.  But I never forgot my passion and I’ve not stopped travelling the world since I was able to make it happen!2017-10-01 12.24.04

Our dream, as a family, is to experience the magic of the world together.  We love to enjoy the similarities and celebrate the differences that we find in each and every place we visit.

The world is big and travel isn’t cheap … but it’s all about priorities!  Believe me, you can make it happen if you want it to!  Start small … travel locally, domestically and then branch out from there!  There’s so much to see, do, taste, hear, feel and live!

As I go I’ll update our travel adventures, and I’ll include some of my first trips too.  It’s nice to be able to look back and smile fondly at your accomplishments!

Happy to help with any travel tips too … just click the “Contact Me” link and I’ll be happy to help!

I’m sure my travel agent friends hate me as I always find good deals!  haha

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