IMG_0045 2Hi guys!  My name is Caz and I’m lucky to be married to the love of my life.  I’m also blessed with the most wonderful twin boys and the most amazing step son and daughter.

I’m someone who tries to find joy in the world, however small it may be!

I’m just an ordinary girl who hails from the western suburbs of Sydney.  I take nothing for granted and I feel blessed to be alive, and surrounded by everything I ever wanted in life … love, family and happiness!

I’m divorced, remarried and I live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and love my life.

IMG_0069 3I’ve worked as a Primary School Teacher and a Travel Agent and now work full time as a mum to our beautiful children.  I LOVE planning our adventures around the world and hope that we can continue exploring together.

As a stay at home mumma, I’ve decided to create a central place for all our family memories.  I’ve always been an open and honest book about everything in my life, probably a little too much at times …. haha … I’m honest, authentic and I love sharing and learning from others.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you … through all the amazing moments, and the dash of not so amazing. Remember, there is joy to be found in every minute of your day…don’t forget to seek out the small beauties of this wonderful gift of life!

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