Fat & Frumpy! Anyone else feeling it?

Okay …. so here goes!  I need a lifestyle change.  There I said it … and this time I mean it!

I don’t want to be fat, frumpy and 40 … surely no one does!  There’s nothing I can do about the 40 but the fat and frumpy can take a hike!

I’m putting this out there because I truly believe accountability is massive when it comes to things like this.  If I put it out there … even if no one actually cares … then I can’t allow myself to fail because, well, it’s out there.  I won’t allow myself to fail.

Fat Caz chowing down on some Reindeer pizza in Finland

If anyone else wants to join me on this lifestyle change … I’m not going to call it a diet because diets are temporary and I want this to be permanent … then shout out and we can do it together.  Keep each other up to date on how we’re going and what we’re doing each week.  Update with great snacks, exercises, and even weight / size losses or gains!  Fingers crossed it’s losses!!!

I’m not sure why but I have to start this process on Monday.  It’s like the start of a new week … the start of a new month … the start of a new season … so why not the start of a new ME!

Four years ago I lost a bucket load of weight … I was 55kg and felt amazing!  I’m horrified to admit this but I’m now a whopping 69kg … I feel complete dread and shame writing that but if I’m going to do this I need to be honest and accountable!  It’s the heaviest I have ever been in my whole life (aside from when I was pregnant with the twins) and I am appalled at myself for allowing this to gradually sneak up on me!  And let’s face it, that’s what happens!  The weight slowly piles on and the next thing you know you’re feeling fat and frumpy!

Skinny Caz soaking up the sun on the beach in Hawaii

I don’t want to feel ugly and embarrassed anymore, which is why I’ve decided to step it up … quit snacking on the Furry Friends and Milo and move onto the roasted pumpkin seeds and celery!  I know I can do this … I’ve done it before.

I truly, wholeheartedly believe it’s all about willpower and self control.  Shakes and pills aren’t for me … I choose to change my lifestyle.  Go from fatty snacks to healthy ones.  Exercise regularly and stop making excuses!

Get ready for the start of a new body … just in time for Summer!  Let’s do this!  POW!!!

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 9.26.09 am

Junk Food

4 thoughts on “Fat & Frumpy! Anyone else feeling it?

  1. Hi Caz, cant wait to track your blog! Good on you for being Open and honest. Btw you are not fat nor frumpy but i totally get what you mean about our body changes in the 40s. I take my hat off to you as I know you’ve not been 100% either. So give yourself a break and back yourself. Lifestyle changes and self care are definitely key to being well physically, emotionally and mentally. I’d love to share with you what I’ve been up to in my lifestyle improvements. Enjoy the ride! I love your travel blogs too. Sue


    1. WOW! Thanks Sue! That’s so damn nice of you! I’d absolutely LOVE to hear what you’ve been doing! I think sharing and being honest about things really helps! After being unwell last year they told me that it’d take some time for my hormones to settle down so that I could lose weight and I figure I’ve had more than enough time for that to happen … so I’m on it now! And again THANKS – your comment means the world to me!!! xx


  2. Your not fat a frumpy! Your beautiful! I’ve started the whole new lifestayle change for me! I’ve been doing the keto way of eating and I’ve tried almost everything and this has been the best for me! I’m eating healthy foods, staying away from carbs and learning the nutrition at the same time! I never new how many foods hold carbs 😬 4.1kg in a week! Even the kids loves my cooking now!! X


    1. Oh, Tam … I actually am! But thanks! I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin! I think we all do, right? You’re doing an AMAZING job! Well done, girlie! You’re the 3rd person to tell me about this Keto diet! Reckon I’m going to have to look into it further! Thanks for sharing … I’m really grateful! xx


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